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Monday, August 20, 2012

About Alamo Swappers


If you are  a home cook, baker, caner, pickler, jamer, grower, forager or like to create other wonders in your kitchen, Alamo Swappers is the place for you to get together and swap your goodies with others in a silent auction style.   Simply prepare your specialty and swap it for other goods such as pickles, jams, bread, backyard eggs, sauces, cookies and anything else your community friends have taken pride in preparing too.  Swapping is a fast growing movement that allows us to diversify our pantries, unleash the creative muses, grow stronger ties with our community and relieve our budgets.
Alamo Swappers events are free and will take place at various locations.  Great efforts will be taken to ensure a free space.  If a venue needs to be rented, you will be informed if a small donation is necessary to cover the rented space cost.
We invite you to read our guidelines.
We are part of the Food Swap Network. Take a look at their website to find a swap near you, how to host a swapping event and much more information: