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May I bring someone else?
Register your guest for event. If your guest is bringing items for swapping, have them submit an invitation request and wait for confirmation. Chosen location for event may not be able to accommodate any extra guests. A note will be included on the event invitation.

Are children able to attend?
Depending on location, children will be able to attend. Glass jars or bottles are expected to be part of the swapping event. These may represent dangers for little guys in certain enclosed locations. Also, expect this event to be fast paced.  Actual swapping may be chaotic at first as people reach for other swappers.  This setting is not the best one to have little persons around. Wearable babies may attend but strollers may not be allowed. A note will be included on event invitation.

I do not know how to cook, can I buy items?
The idea for swapping is to avoid any monetary exchange and to encourage anyone to create. You will be surprised how some foods are easy to prepare.  For example, gather premium fresh herbs and vinegar from the store and prepare an awesome infused vinegar.  All crafters know Pinterest will blow your mind away with ideas.

I am a chef (or own a food business), can I still participate?
Yes. I am sure everyone will appreciate a taste of a professionally made item.

Refer to The Foods Swap Network page for more FAQ

You may also submit your questions at Alamo Swappers FB page or this post.

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