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Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Swapping event is happening!

It has been a year since I started this blog and it is until now that I finally get to host our first event!

You have a whole month to plan, gather, cook and/or forage your items.  Event will take place August 10, 2013.
Remember to pass the word around. We want to be packed to capacity for a greater variety of yumminess.  Only 20 invitations will be issued.

Sign up to this page to receive your invitations soon.


  1. Great to hear this! My daughter, Emily Ho, is the founder of the LA Food Swap. Sadly, I will be out of town on August 10 so can't make the first swap, but hopefully can make a future one.

    Good work!!

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  3. Hi! Are homemade dog treats allowed as part of the swap group? Or just the human stuff? ;) Thanks!!

  4. I am very interested in this, but I'm not sure I can attend on the 10th, I'm already howting a food co-op that morning so it will depend on time and place.

  5. I am interested but depends on where it is going to be located at? I live pretty far outside of SA.

  6. I am very interested in the swap, where is the meeting going to be? Besides food items are other handmade items allowed?