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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The official Alamo Swappers Website is Up!

Food Swappers is not my original idea; it is not even a new idea.  Food swapping has been going on forever and I have to thank Kate Payne and Megan Paska for founding Food Swap Network, such a wonderful movement.  I thank also FSN collaborators,  Emily Ho, Bethany Tydmark and Kim Christensen, for investing their efforts in aiding me in this exciting adventure.

A week ago, I attended a fermented condiment workshop organized by a good friend.  I was hopping I could exchange my chile sauce and some peppers for some other goodies.  The interest was low, people were not prepared and I wished I could have done something else to promote it. 

That same week, I ventured into making some organic chipotle in adobo.  I wanted the real thing.  I dryed and smoked fresh organic peppers, made the tomato paste with tomatoes from a friend's garden and then, I simmered the ingredients for hours.  It seemed too much trouble to make a small amount so I made a big pot.  Anyone who has bought those little cans at the store know that a little bit goes a long way.  When done, I realized that I had made enough chipotle to last me a life time.  I canned them in small mason jars and offer them for sale to friends.  They flew of my hands! People liked and appreciated what I made.

A couple of days later, I found the Food Swap Network page.  I have no idea how it happened but it felt almost like destiny so here I am, working on setting up a San Antonio swappers group.  I look forward to exchange the fruits of my labor with friends and neighbors and make new friends.

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